We embrace the entrepreneurial spirt and align risk with reward by investing in our clients and being compensated when you win. We put skin in the game just like our clients do, and our reward is contingent on solutions delivering pre-determined results.

Every agency has ideas, but few deliver results. We’re paid to deliver.

Have a Bold Idea?

Pay for Performance Marketing

At Bold, transparency and accountability go hand-in-hand.

We are confident in our abilities and our partners, and have the proven results to back up our commitment to our clients. We’ve decided that the traditional agency / client relationship must change and have done what very few marketing agencies are willing to do – provide marketing and advertising services on a Pay-for-Performance model to our clients.

The model is simple. Clients in our P4P program pay a flat monthly fee of $2,500 per month for the first six months, then a commission of 10% of any sales, lead value, or new business that are generated from our efforts going forward. Like many sales businesses, we do place a cap on all commissions to ensure payouts are kept reasonable so that clients can grow their businesses.

If our Pay for Performance model isn’t quite a fit for your brand, we also work on a Pay per Qualified Lead as well as flat monthly rates based on your needs. What we don’t do is set our pricing on number of hours, your budget, industry standards, or company size – none of those models are aligned with growing your business, brand, or revenue. 

See if You're Ready for Performance Marketing

Step one is to book a 30 minute strategy call. We’ll get introduced to your business, your high-level goals, and some basic metrics. From there we’ll setup a 3 – 6 hour workshop before starting any P4P services to ensure we’re both invested in the right outcome.
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