We are always looking for new consultants, partners and freelancers to join our network.

Being an independent consultant with Bold allows you to the flexibility to work on projects that inspire you and earn the income of traditional consultants. We work with challenging clients that have high demands, so you get to collaborate with high caliber colleagues producing meaningful work.

To be a consultant for Bold, you typically have a background in a consulting firm or have been working as a freelancer for well known brand. It’s also beneficial, though not required, if you have direct experience on the brand side.

We require a minimum of three years’ experience as an independent consultant, or two years’ experience working in a traditional consulting firm. If you do not meet those requirements, don’t worry – we also work with numerous freelancers within the projects.

If you’re interested in pursuing opportunities to be an independent consultant or freelancer with Bold, please fill out the form below and we will reach out.

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We are a pay for performance agency that works primarily with consumer-focused startups, professional services firms, or mid-market companies in high-growth segments that are looking to scale or exit.

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