Just like many startups, high growth and transforming companies have invested in on-demand executives to fill necessary roles in Human Resources ( VP of HR ), systems and development ( CIO / CTO ), accounting and finance (CFO), outsourced, short-term Chief Marketing Officers can help your brand grow to the next level quickly.

A “Fractional CMO” is a way to get executive-level involvement in your company without having to incur the costs of a full-time Chief Marketing Officer, which can easily surpass $250k a year in salary alone.

However, more crucial than the savings consideration is that a Fractional CMO can provide your brand with an on-demand, overarching perspective around best practices in customer acquisition, financial management, sales pipeline development, marketing execution, and revenue growth.

Investing in a Fractional CMO is often one of the best ways to get your company and team out of the weeds and caught up in the minutiae of daily operational distractions and ensure clear focus on initiatives and strategies that move a company forward. The biggest benefit is that you’re brand gets an experienced, and external CMO whose sole mission is to drive profitable, go-to-market strategies, including best practices and techniques that were successful across other companies and markets.

Who needs a Fractional CMO

  1. Companies best suited are those that have an existing marketing team but need executive level perspective, experience, and leadership.
  1. VPs of sales or marketing, CEOs, and CMOs that would like an independent, outside perspective on their brand’s go-to-market and go-to-market strategy and tactics, or are entering a market they’re unfamiliar with.
  1. Brands that are planning on or exploring filling a Director, VP of Marketing, or CMO role and want to get a head start on significant marketing or product opportunities while they source the right long-term hire.

The Fractional CMO Service here at Bold Consulting Group integrates with your company as an extension of your executive team, leading teams, departments and meetings, setting the priorities, developing necessary infrastructure and and owning results for the outcomes.

Bold aligns with our clients’ needs and business activities to develop and implement unique systems and strategies for continued sustainable growth after our engagement ends.

Our engagements are meant to be short-term, lasting from six to 24 months, and have included:

  1. Systems and Infrastructure Build – improving existing systems, software, and teams or completely building scalable solutions from scratch.
  1. Metrics and Measurement – establishing, implementing, and monitoring KPI metrics like pipeline growth, cost per lead and acquisition, lifetime value and return on investment and rep / staff measurement and impact.
  1. Sales Pipeline Execution – a complete funnel strategy designed around driving top of funnel leads to middle of the funnel nurturing and education to bottom of funnel sales and revenue growth, including both systems and process.
  1. Target Markets and Buyers – understanding the most profitable market opportunities, the target customers within them, and the engagement strategies necessary to earn new and recurring business.
  1. Content Strategy and Execution – content positioning and mapping to target buyers across the entire customer journey, including the most effective and efficient channels for message, content type, and journey position.
  1. An Executive Voice – adding an independent, impartial, and experienced perspective at the executive leadership level to the management team for board, equity, and team level discussions.

A fractional CMO can help you increase qualified lead flow, build integrated sales and marketing processes, and win more business faster by identifying and removing any friction present in customer acquisition efforts.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us and we’d be happy to explore if having a fractional CMO would benefit your company and support your stage of growth.